Premium Bottled Water Market

Everyone is aware of the importance of drinking enough water. Making sure you consume a sufficient amount of water is recognized as one of the simplest and most dependable strategies to improve your overall well-being, from supporting healthy skin to maintaining hydration. However, have you ever considered what it is that makes bottled water so good for everyone? 

Yes, unfortunately for many, it’s still a query: tap water vs. bottled water? Mineral water is such an essential part of our busy lives. It allows us to stay hydrated on the go and is hygienic, secure, and convenient. Still doubtful, no worries. Did you know that premium bottled water offers so many benefits that the premium bottled water market demand is booming? In this blog, let us delve into the market growth, insights, and its advantages.

The Benefits of Bottled Water

For those who are frequently on the go or who dislike the mineral taste of tap water, bottled water is a fantastic option. Here are some of the important benefits of bottled water:

  • Contributing to heart health
  • Better for the environment
  • Free of impurities
  • Great taste and added nutrients
  • Safer

What is Propelling the Market Growth?

By delivering distinctive qualities that appeal to a certain customer group, premium bottled waters set themselves apart from mass-market options and can command a higher price in the premium bottled water industry. The market for premium bottled waters is being driven by consumers’ growing knowledge of and preference for high-quality drinking water.

Additionally, premium bottled water, notably sparkling water, has many advantages, including the ability to aid with digestion and relieve constipation. Also, can you believe that the global premium bottled water market was valued at USD 19.45 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 37.23 billion at a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period of 2032

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Market Trends and Opportunities

Customers are looking for quality mineral water with natural and unpolluted origins more and more. This trend places a focus on water that underwent little processing and kept its original mineral makeup. The preference for unadulterated, genuine, and additive-free goods is in line with the rising popularity of leading healthy lives. As a result, a lot of people are switching from tap water to high-quality bottled water.

Furthermore, the rising frequency of commercials promoting bottled water in recent years has considerably increased brand recognition and product visibility. These commercials emphasize taste and practicality while promoting the superior quality and hydration advantages of premium sparkling and natural water.

Geographical Insights of the Market

Europe: Europe defeated the global market. Leading companies are using strategic methods to differentiate themselves. To promote an image of exclusivity, purity, and sophistication, they are using distinctive selling propositions, elegant packaging designs, and captivating brand storylines. These tactics help them stand out from the competition and draw in discerning customers. The increased demand for premium bottled water in the UK is partly due to customers’ growing focus on health and wellness. 

Asia Pacific: Due to factors including population growth, rising living standards, and growing worries about diseases linked to contaminated water, the Asia-Pacific region offers substantial prospects, especially in nations like China and India. The preference of consumers for bottled water over tap water is anticipated to support premium bottled water market size expansion. Functional water products with added vitamins, electrolytes, and other components to meet the needs of the healthier market have resulted from this.

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The Recent Developments

  • A line of metal bottles made by the Ball Corporation, a prominent international producer of aluminum cans, was unveiled by Lofoten Arctic Water in January 2021. Due to rising customer demand for eco-friendly packaging options, these metal bottles are made to be indefinitely recyclable.

In Summary

The demand for pure and hygienic packaged solutions is increasing as awareness of multiple health issues, such as gastrointestinal illnesses brought on by consuming polluted water, grows. Also, drinking water deficiencies in numerous areas further boost the need for secure drinking water, driving up product sales and boosting the premium bottled water market expansion.

By Apurva Nagare

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