Theme Park Tourism Market

If we asked you about some of your favorite youth memories, we would challenge theme parks to be one of them! The hype of the people, the jollies of the rides, the aroma of popcorn in the air. What’s not to love? Yes, one of the best vacation attractions is theme parks. Theme parks offer something for everyone with a diverse selection of entertainment, drinks, foods, and attractions, as well as thrilling and fun family rides. 

Theme parks offer fun, excitement, and recollections for family and friends to enjoy, whether you visit in the winter to relish hot beverages and snow-covered huts or during peak season in the summer to have fun of heart-stopping drops and water rides on roller coasters. Well, in this blog, let’s see the best theme park tourism market key players and why their demand is boosting worldwide. 

What Exactly is a Theme Park in Tourism?

Travel to a city or town with well-known theme parks is referred to as “theme park tourism” and is frequently done by families,  individuals, or groups of friends. The objectives of this kind of travel range from personal enjoyment to education about the particular theme park to pure amusement. Theme parks are also an essential part of tourism and the main reason people travel to numerous places.

Moreover, these parks are packs of attractions, shows, activities, and rides centered around specific themes. This theme is mostly based on fairy tales, books, imaginary worlds, and popular movies. 

Leading Players of the Theme Park Tourism Market

Let’s discover the best top players operating in the market: 

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#1 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

 Established in 1870, Cedar Fair is far more than a group of remarkable water slides and thrill rides. With hotel, resort, and recreational sites spread across the lower 48 states and close to Ontario, Canada, Cedar Fair is a global leader in holding and managing regional water parks and amusement parks. 

#2 Merlin Entertainments

Since 1999, Merlin Entertainments has been a global leader in location-based, family amusement. As one of the biggest attraction operators in the world, they design and provide their millions of visitors with immersive, unforgettable brand experiences. Merlin Entertainments is running more than 140 attractions across 24 nations. With a distinctive portfolio of brands and attraction formats, Merlin offers a wide range of visitor experiences, from destination theme park resorts to city center locations.

#3 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Leading theme park tourism market player SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment inspires visitors to preserve wildlife and the natural beauties of the earth by offering meaningful experiences. As one of the top zoological institutions in the world, we also set the standard for veterinary care, animal welfare, behavioral management, and animal husbandry worldwide. Over the past 50 years, the rescue crews at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have assisted over 40,000 creatures in distress. 

#4 Six Flags Entertainment

Founded in the 1960s as Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc., Six Flags Entertainment firm is an American entertainment park firm with its headquarters located in Arlington, Texas. It owns properties in the US, Mexico, and Canada. With the seventh-highest attendance in the world, Six Flags has the maximum number of waterparks and theme parks combined with any amusement park corporation. 

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#5 Universal Parks & Resorts

The theme park unit of NBCUniversal, a Comcast company, is called Universal Parks & Resorts, sometimes called Universal Studios Theme Parks or just Universal Theme Parks. The business, with its main office in Orlando, Florida, manages resorts and theme parks under the Universal brand all over the world. In all of its parks, NBCUniversal and other firms have created attractions and lands based on well-known classic and contemporary pop culture properties (television, movies, comic books, books, music, video games, etc.).

The Endless Fun!

The expansion of popular culture throughout the world has had a tremendous impact on the theme park tourism market growth and expansion. The major themes in these theme parks worldwide have been cinematic worlds, multi-movie franchises, globally successful shows, and animation series, drawing millions of visitors each year. In fact, the market was valued at USD 49.46 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 155.55 billion at a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period of 2032.

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