vibration control systems market

Vibration control systems is a broad term that refers to systems and technologies used to lower or dampen vibration in various structural and mechanical settings. They reduce unwanted oscillations, vibrations, and shocks that may have a negative impact on the equipment, machinery, and the surrounding environment. In this blog post, detail the top 7 companies that are propelling the vibration control systems market forward. Stick with us!

#1. Fabreeka

Founded: 1918

Headquarters: Stoughton, Massachusetts

Farbeeka is a leading producer of shock-control products. It specializes in vibration isolation, expansion bearings, bearing pads, and other related products. The firm’s products mainly cater to the energy, heavy equipment, testing, and transportation industries. Also, their optimal suitability to low-frequency conditions helps clients eliminate vibrations involved in various industrial production and processes.

#2. Hutchinson

Founded: 1853

Headquarters: Paris, France

Hutchinson is another premier manufacturer of engineered mobility solutions for automobiles. The firm mainly caters to clients within the automotive and aerospace industries. Also, it creates products for defense, industry, and rail markets. Hutchinson’s products include runflats, beadlocks, CTIS valves, steel tracks, rubber tracks, and self-sealing fuel tanks, amongst others. The company’s vibration control parts and systems help minimize engine noise.

#3. Isolation Technology

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: New York, United States

Isolation Technology is another major provider of noise control and vibration isolation systems in the vibration control systems market. With extensive expertise in product engineering and services, the firm provides top-notch solutions to cater to all your noise and vibration control needs. Isolation Technology offers a wide range of products for the vibrant control systems market, which include vibro isolators, neocork dampers, elastomer mounts, elastomer pads, and isolation rail. Along with these, the firm designs and manufactures specialized products for controlling vibration and noise.

#4. Kinetics Noise Control

Founded: 1958

Headquarters: Dublin, Ohio

Kinetics Noise Control is a global producer of top-notch noise control solutions. The firm aims to provide its clients with novel and effective solutions that help them meet their vibration control needs. As one of the major vibration control systems market key players, Kinetics Noise Control’s product offering includes wall panels, sound barriers, vibration isolators, and HVAC silencers. These products reduce noise in several settings, including commercial buildings, residential structures, and industrial facilities.

#5. Lord Corp.

Founded: 1924

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Lord Corp is a diversified manufacturing firm that primarily manufactures coatings, adhesives, electronic materials, and sensing technologies. The firm’s clients are spread across multiple sectors, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, and oil and gas. With over 100 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, Lord Corp’s products are trusted by both manufacturers and operators. The company’s Active Vibration Control Systems (AVCS) are used to lower vibration and minimize weight in helicopters and business jets.

#6. Resistoflex

Founded: 1947

Headquarters: Uttar Pradesh, India

Resistoflex is a provider of resilient systems for safety and control. Since its inception, the firm has made several collaborations with globally renowned firms in related fields. The company offers a wide range of products comprising application engineering systems, vibration, shock, and seismic engineering systems, flexible piping systems, and base isolation systems. Resistoflex caters to the vibration control systems market with products like rubber mountings, spring isolators, buffers, hangers, and rubber pads and mats.

#7. Sentek Dynamics

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Based in the midst of Silicon Valley, Sentek Dynamics offers a wide range of products for today’s demanding test requirements. The company’s product offering includes low-force shakers, high-force shakers, high-performance shakers, bench-top shakers, and environmental test chambers. Besides, it provides chamber control software and cloud services to cater to its varying client needs.

Final Saying

The vibration control systems market size was USD 5.88 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.4%, generating an estimated revenue of USD 11.98 billion by 2032. The rising focus on achieving mechanical balance and stability and minimizing friction is one of the key factors propelling the market forward.

By Nitin Tambe

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