Cat Litter Products Market

Cats are the world’s most devoted four-legged fans regarding personal cleanliness. They ritualistically bury their feces and spend hours every day obsessively licking themselves clean. The meticulous felines would probably be horrified to learn that pee is one of the animal kingdom’s strongest and most repulsive odors.

Now, before you begin to wonder how to work the litter, read along to learn what cat litter is, why it is important, and the cat litter products market insights.

What is a Cat Litter?

Since many indoor cats don’t have easy access to feces, cat litter is necessary for cat owners. For house cats, the cat litter offers the perfect atmosphere. It is used instinctively by a cat to conceal its urine and feces.

What is Driving the Market Growth?

The introduction of advanced products, such as options for cat litter that is paper-based and perfumed, has contributed to the market’s expansion. These goods frequently require owners to gather and dispose of litter in inconvenient plastic bags. However, products made of paper, such as toilet paper, can be easily discarded. Additionally, scented items are becoming increasingly popular in the market due to them. Cat litter products market sales have significantly increased in online retail as pet owners choose convenience.

Furthermore, price, functionality, and substance are the primary determinants of consumer choice in the cat litter goods industry. The increasing need for litter boxes influences consumers’ purchasing decisions as well.

Clumping Sector Accounts for the Largest Share

Due to its practical function of making it simple to remove cat poop and urine without emptying the entire litter box, clumping litter is gaining more and more attention from consumers. Clumps of cat litter are becoming increasingly common, which can be linked to their usefulness and multiple advantages, which are anticipated to draw customers and boost product sales in the upcoming years. 

Moreover, cat owners choose hard-clumping variants over the other varieties of clumping cat litter.

Clay Sector Holds the Significant Revenue Share

These cat litter are made of silica gel crystals, frequently used as moisture-preserving agents in packaged foods, medicines, and other moisture-sensitive products. Silica is in greater demand as a crucial component in cat litter solutions due to its reputation for absorbing moisture, being dust-free, and having the ability to reduce odors.

Moreover, the clay industry generated the most money. This is explained by the fact that cat litter products are frequently made using clay as a key component. Clay’s widespread use is fueled by its high absorbency and capacity to clump solidly, which supports the cat litter products market growth.

Which is the Largest Regional Market?

North America dominated the market. This dominance can be ascribed to the rising popularity of pet adoption in the area, which accelerated during the epidemic when people stayed at home more often.

Moreover, the increase in nuclear households and the Asia Pacific’s expanding disposable income are the main causes of this trend. In addition, the region’s growing pet ownership trend and rising spending on pet-related products, including food, litter, and healthcare, are anticipated to benefit the cat litter products market expansion over the next few years.

Take Home Message

The pet industry is experiencing expansion due to a rise in pet-related expenditures and an increase in cat owners worldwide. This trend has positively affected the market, contributing to its growth. In fact, the global cat litter products market was valued at USD 11.20 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 17.73 billion at a CAGR of 4.7% during the forecast period of 2032.

By Apurva Nagare

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