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Meat snacks have gained popularity in recent years. Whether you’re a meat lover looking for a protein-rich energy booster or a foodie looking for new flavors, meat snacks offer a fascinating array of options. In this blog, we will discuss meat snacks, their benefits, and why they have become a popular choice among snack enthusiasts.

What Are Meat Snacks, Exactly?

Meat snacks are convenient food products made from different types of processed meat.  This is a good option for those following Carnivore diet or Keto- where they want to cut out extra sugar, carbs, and artificial flavors. The point is that rather than eating fatty chips or even fruit – which are full of sugar and carbs – one can rely on meat snacks. They are a rich source of protein with zero carbs. Traditional beef jerky, meat sticks, combo packs, kippered steak, pickled sausage, sliced jerky, and chews are the most common types of meat snacks.

Within the meat snack category, traditional beef jerky is the most popular as it offers a high amount of protein and it is low in fat, carbohydrates, and calories. In fact, recent research reported that meat snacks – especially beef jerky and pepperoni sticks – are found as a popular road trip snack for U.S. travelers. Most of the meat snacks are packed with various ingredients and artificial flavors. For example, traditional beef jerky includes beef, brown sugar, salt, soy sauce, corn protein, yeast extract, flavors, beef stock, pineapple powder, and some other ingredients.

Now Let’s Talk About the Global Market Expansion of Meat Snacks

The global meat snacks market was valued at USD 7.83 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 14.63 billion with a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. The market expansion is being driven by the growing demand for meat snacks. Consumers prefer snack options with high protein, low processed, and low carbohydrates. The demand for meat snacks is expected to rise as a result of the rising adoption of a healthier lifestyle and snack options among consumers, thereby driving the meat snacks market growth.

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Benefits of Meat Snacks

  • High in protein
  • Easy to carry and convenient
  • Long shelf life
  • Available in different flavors

Why Is Jerky Category Popular?

Based on type, the jerky category in the meat snacks market is anticipated to grow at the fastest rate in the coming years as it is recognized as a healthier option compared to conventional meat snacks such as sausages and meat sticks. Jerky is usually made from lean cuts of meat, and fat content is removed through a drying process which results in a low-fat, high-protein snack. In short, jerky is a perfect snack option for consumers for health-conscious consumers than other snacks on the market.

Will Meat Snacks Become Globally Popular?

With changing consumer demands and innovations in food items, the snack industry continues to grow. The demand is expected to continue as a result of rising interest in fitness and active lifestyles, especially among youngsters. Their convenience, long shelf life, and durable nature make them good enough for traveling, hiking, or working.

Based on geography, North America is expected to show the largest meat snacks market share during the forecast period owing to the increasing demand for high-protein, low-carb snacks in North America. As per a report by the International Food Information Council, the rate of Americans following a low-carb diet increased from 14% in 2017 to 21% in 2020 due to the rising awareness of the health benefits of lowering carbohydrate intake and rising protein intake.

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