Tungstic Acid Market

The polymeric material tungstic acid, which has a chemical formula H2WO4, is composed of connected chains of tungsten atoms that are each tetrahedrally correlated to four oxygen atoms. The tungstic acid market size is expanding as a three-dimensional framework of section-sharing tetrahedral is generated by splitting the oxygen atoms with close by tungsten atoms. Tungstic acid is a white amorphous solid powder in its solid form. It liquefies into a 2.5pH acidic solution when in solution. It is feasible to imagine the framework of tungstic acid as a polymer of WO4 tetrahedra that is linked by shared oxygen atoms. Further, two hydroxyl groups are connected to each tungsten atom, intensified to the compound’s acidic character.

The global tungstic acid market was valued at USD 39.52 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 54.73 million with a CAGR of 3.3% during the forecast period 2032.

Tungstic Acid Applications

Catalyst: The amalgamation of sulphuric acid, a frequently utilized industrial chemical, utilizes tungstic acid as a catalyst. Further, it operates as a catalyst in the alteration of alkanes and alkenes.

Tungstic acid is a yellow pigment that is utilized in ceramics and other substances.

Because of its potential to alter colors when prone to electric current, tungstic acid is utilized in electrochromic gadgets such as smart windows and electrochromic mirrors.

Tungstic acid is a constituent of photographic film and X-ray screens due to its escalated density, which sanctions it to soak up X-rays and other kinds of ionizing radiation.

Tungstic Acid Properties

  • Physical features: Yellowish-white solid, tungstic acid is a chemical. It is devoid of taste or odor and is unsolvable in water.
  • Chemical features: Tungstic acid interrelates with a broad gamut of substances, including metals, nonmetals, and organic molecules. It is a robust oxidizing agent. Heat in a contracting environment can transform it into tungsten trioxide.
  • Acidic features: Tungstic acid has a pKa of approximately 1.7, rendering it a feeble acid, and it can generate the tungsten ion by contributing two protons in a solution.
  • Thermal stability: Tungstic acid spoils at escalated temperatures, releasing water and generating tungsten trioxide, albeit it is stable at room temperatures.
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Growth Drivers

The tungstic acid market sales are soaring due to the escalating approval of tungsten because of its high melting point, unusual firmness, and outstanding corrosion hostility rendering it extremely recommendable for applications such as making of cutting tools, drilling instruments, electrical contacts, and escalated temperature alloys together with augmentation of tungsten mining functionalities and advancement of contemporary mines covering the globe are the prominent factors pushing the growth of the market.

The Monohydrate Segment Ruled the Market

The monohydrate segment held the largest share, which is predominantly propelled by extensive usage in several industrial applications such as catalysts, pigments, fireproofing agents, and coatings and aggressive growth of industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, and aerospace fuels, which are prominent consumers of the segment market. Continuing research and development ventures predominantly targeted at enhancing the features and application of tungstic acid monohydrate and escalating reach of contemporary advancements such as enhanced production procedures, improvised purity, and new applications can generate contemporary opportunities for market expansion soon.

Recent Developments

In February 2023, Archroma, a global leading company in sustainable specialty chemicals and solutions, announced that the company has successfully acquired the Textile Effects business for the Huntsman Corporation. With this acquisition, the company is expanding its highly complementary product portfolio and providing high-performance products and solutions.

Final Thoughts

Tungstic acid is anticipated to play an important part in several industries, including electronics, aerospace, and automotive, due to its distinct properties and inventiveness. In the tungstic acid market, research is continuing to traverse contemporary applications and enhance the efficacy of prevailing procedures.

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