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An extremely important and unignorable drawback of the industrial revolution has been waste management. Without really taking this into consideration, The chemical and plastic waste has blindly been disposed of in the water. Now that we are at the peak of global warming and it is the need of an hour to save the earth to save us, we are shifting towards more renewable sources. 

Around 3-4 years back, we heard quotes like “ban plastic”. But it was difficult to do so as most of the packaging industry relied on it. But now, an amazing invention has come forth to bless the packaging industry and mother earth – water soluble packages. In this blog, we will deeply dissolve into the water soluble packaging market, the materials used, and how it is rapidly capturing the market.

Water Solubles & Its Materials

Roberto Astete discovered solubag material, which further proved to be a solution to the global issue with plastics. This material dissolves in water without leaving any toxic residues behind, making it ideal for packaging. Only a few minutes are required for the dissolution, and the film’s components are bio-decomposed into natural substances in less than three months.     

It is made of materials like: 

Polymers: Water-soluble packaging materials based on polymers are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They dissolve in water, leaving no harmful residue, making them a sustainable choice for reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental responsibility. This segment accounted for the largest water soluble packaging market growth in 2022. 

Surfactants: Surfactant-based water-soluble packaging materials possess excellent wetting and dispersing properties. They enable efficient dissolution in water, making them ideal for various applications, such as laundry and dishwasher detergents, where quick solubility is essential for enhanced convenience.

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Fibers: Water-soluble packaging materials made from fibers, such as cellulose or PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), offer exceptional strength and barrier properties. These materials can be used in single-use packaging applications for products like detergent pods, where the packaging dissolves completely during use, minimizing waste and improving user experience.

Green Market

Giving the green light to this amazing product to create greener nature, the water soluble packaging market is growing rapidly. The market was valued at USD 3,320.39 million in 2023 and is expected to grow at 5.4% generating a revenue of USD 5,330.31 million by 2032. 

Factors that have boosted the market include:

  • Government regulations on plastics bans
  • Shifting Consumer preference to save nature
  • Growing consumer preference for packaging that is easy to use and dispose
  • Elimination of the need to separate the disposable process

Packaging Products

Let us go through some packaging products that have widely been adopted by top key players in the market. 

Pouches: Water-soluble pouches are widely used in household cleaning products and personal care items. Consumers can simply toss the pouch into the water, releasing the contents without messy spills or leftover packaging. This convenient and sustainable solution promotes responsible waste management and ease of use.

Bags: Water-soluble bags are designed for various applications, including laundry detergents, agricultural chemicals, and medical waste disposal. They dissolve completely in water, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for sensitive or hazardous materials. This segment garnered the largest water soluble packaging market share in 2022. 

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Pods & Capsules: Water-soluble pods and capsules are commonly employed in the detergent and cleaning industry. These pre-measured packages dissolve in the washing machine or water, providing precise dosing and minimizing product waste. They have revolutionized laundry routines, offering a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional liquid or powder detergents.

Helping the Planet and Ourselves

With goverment’s and consumers initiative, we would surely be able to preseve out planet for the upcoming generation. Water soluble packaging market is a boon to the society and has a wide evergreen scope for the future. It has gifted us with bags, pouches, pods , capsules, etc to cover most of our normal-life activities that require packaging. Thus, its demand is going increase in the further years.

By Ankita Padiyar

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