Low Temperature Powder Coatings Market

To paint or to powder coat? What’s the finest finish for your metal fabrication? You’ll see a dispute over whether it is better to powder coat or spray paint a metal surface. Well, powder coating is a more advanced practice.

Powder coating has been here for decades and has become increasingly widespread. It is broadly used in industry today because of its multiple benefits, including corrosion resistance, long-term environment-friendly effect, and high-quality surface finishing. The global low temperature powder coatings market was valued at USD 100.24 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 135.63 million at a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period.

All of your concerns about powder coatings will be addressed in this post.

What is Powder Coating?

A powder coating is applied as a dry powder to a surface and then heated to cure it. Thermoplastic or thermoset polymers could make up the powder. It can be applied to plastic, glass, or metal surfaces and is typically used to produce a tougher hard finish than typical liquid coatings.

Typically, fluidized-bed application or electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) is used to apply powder coating. Both techniques produce high-quality surfaces with excellent gloss levels, textures, and colors that can be used on various products, including fiberboard avionics, medical devices, and architectural applications.

The Growth Factors of Low Temperature Powder Coatings Industry

One of the major factors driving the market expansion is the rising use of low temperature powder coatings on non-metallic surfaces, including wood and MDF, glass, plastics, and composites because of its great adhesion, high durability, lack of runs, and relatively low VOCs when applied.

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Moreover, many developing countries are passing various laws to limit the emissions of VOC to decrease pollution has led to an increased need for low temperature powder coatings and is anticipated to boost the market growth in the upcoming years.

Polyester Market held the Largest Market Share

The expansion of the market can be attributed to its different advantageous properties, such as quick reliance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, better surface protection, and temperature resistance. Also, increasing demand for products like radiator grills, door handles, metallic structural, and bicycle parts is driving the growth of the segment market.

The Non-Metallic Market held the Greatest Revenue

Due to their capacity to offer improved resistance, high toughness, and longer lifespan, low-temperature powder coatings are becoming increasingly popular in various non-metallic applications, including furniture and plastics. Additionally, rising consumer spending power and the rapid increase in population worldwide are driving the segment market’s expansion.

Increasing Demand in North America

Due to increasing vehicle production in Mexico and a significant increase in the use of powder coating in the automotive industry, North America is anticipated to have the fastest growth in the global market during the forecast period.

Furthermore, the Asia Pacific region is also contributing to the significant market share. The growth can be attributed to increased infrastructure evolution and a wave in the use of powder coatings in architectural applications, such as aluminum extrusions used in building faces, doorframes, and kitchen windows. Additionally, the expanded urbanization in countries like India and China is also expected to contribute positively to the market growth in the region.

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A high-quality finish used on thousands of items you use daily is called powder coating. The most challenging, resilient machinery and the everyday household goods you rely on are protected by powder coating. It’s tough, looks great, and lasts long. And above all, the mentioned benefits drive the low temperature powder coatings market.

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