Sustainable pharmaceutical packaging Market

Sustainability has become a growingly noteworthy affair covering every industry as businesses and individuals commence to perceive how crucial it is to lessen waste for the betterment of the planet. In the sustainable pharmaceutical packaging market, it accounts for a minuscule percentage of aggregate initiated waste, though it is a yet of notable enough worry to sanction a world health organization rendering several advice and countries validating laws concerning the appropriate discarding of waste medical packaging.

The global sustainable pharmaceutical packaging market was valued at USD 71.80 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 315.59 billion with a CAGR of 16.15% during the forecast period.

Green Packaging Options in the Pharma Sector

  • Plastic made from sugarcane: The advantage of making plastic from sugarcane is that it is ecological, providing an essential benefit over conventional plastics that encompass a span of hundreds of years to disintegrate. The basics of biodegradability of substance is that microbes can directly enter and splinter them by garnering acids that degrade the plastic.
  • Aluminum foil as a sustainable substance: As far as sustainability is concerned, aluminum is reasoned to be 100% recyclable with the capacity to be recycled again without adjusting its intrinsic value. This renders the metal extremely selective, covering the pharmaceutical sector as a probable packaging substance. Its vivid blockade properties and hostility to oxygen, moisture, and other gases also pitch into utilization as a pharma packaging material.

Principles of Sustainable Pharmaceutical Packaging

As many limitations restrict the usage of recycled substances in pharmaceutical packaged production, makers are inspired to contemplate the recyclability of their product at the termination of its life, making up for where laws do not permit for foremost sustainability. Further, the capacity to sustainably derive any packaging substances must be contemplated as if demand is soaring, even sustainably sources substances may not be sustainable.

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Several pharmaceutical firms realize minimized packaging by reducing their weight. Sustainable pharmaceutical packaging market size is expanding as the contemporary plastics can be rendered thinner while sustaining robustness and progression in systemic design due to computational engineering techniques permitting contemporary design that utilizes far less substance while sustaining the concern and motive of packaging.

Geographic Overview

North America: The region’s biggest end-use sector was pharmaceutical manufacturing which involves in-house production. During the course of the forecast period, the prevalence of several producers of pharmaceutical plastic bottles in the country.

Asia Pacific: It is expected that the growing disposable income levels and escalating health awareness amidst consumers in Asia Pacific, especially in advancing nations such as China and India, will propel the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry and escalate the demand for its packaging.

Growth Drivers

For the whole of years, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have encountered massive advancement. The sustainable pharmaceutical packaging market sales are soaring as in the coming years, it is expected that the market will proliferate more speedily because of factors such as augmenting population, growing life expectancy rate, worldwide acquisition of a wholesome lifestyle, and increasing customer understanding of a productive healthcare system.

Key Players

Among the top companies competing in the international sustainable pharmaceutical packaging market are Amcor Plc, Aptargroup, Inc., Becton, Dickinson and Company, Berry Global Inc., Catalent, Inc., CCL Industries, Inc., Comar, LLC, Drug Plastics Group, Gerresheimer AG, International Paper, Nipro Corporation, Owens Illinois Inc., Schott AG, Silgan Holdings Inc., Stevanato Group, Vetter Pharma International, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

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Recent Development

In conjunction with a PE or PET bottle, Aptar Pharma introduced a cutting-edge dispensing system in September 2022 that is mono-material and completely recyclable. Its distinctive, three-part design makes it ideal for various viscosities and is customizable with two dosage options and two neck size options. It is also offered in several colors.

Future Insight

The solution for pharma packaging manufacturers is recognizing substances that can satisfy green needs without negotiating integrity or performance with the probability linked with defect to encounter safety standards being pronounced more than in practically any other industry.


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