Methylmalonic acidemia is an assumed illness in which the body cannot resort to specific proteins and fats appropriately. The impact of methylmalonic acidemia, which normally emerges in premature infancy and differs from mild to life-threatening. In the methylmalonic acidemia market, the Impacted infants can encounter vomiting, dehydration, incapacitated muscle tone, advancement hindrance, immoderate tiredness, and enlarged liver. Extended difficulties can involve feeding issues, intellectual dysfunction, dangerous kidney disease, and swelling of the pancreas.

The global methylmalonic acidemia market was valued at USD 9.16 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 14.78 billion with a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period.

What Causes Methylmalonic Acidemia?

Methylmalonic acidemia can be generated by mutations in several genes. There are two kinds of patients, namely those with secluded MMA where only methylmalonic acid is upraised. The other are those patients with combined deficiencies who also have escalated levels of homocysteine.

The Care Taken by Doctors for the Patients

Methylmalonic acidemia is cured essentially with a low-protein high-calorie diet, specific medications, antibiotics, and organ transplantation. Medication treatment comprises cobalamin given as an injection, carnitine, and antibiotics. The diet is protein confined to restrict the consumption of isoleucine, threonine, methionine, and valine, as these substances can convert into methylmalonic acid in a contrived patient. The methylmalonic acidemia market sales are soaring as the majority of patients also require to consume an exceptional formula lacking specific amino acids but accommodating others to ascertain they are getting sufficient protein for growth.

The Factors for Market Growth

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency: When protein is assimilated in the human body, a molecule known as methylmalonic acid is produced. The aggregate of vitamin B12 in the body rules the genesis of methylmalonic acid. A superlative extent of methylmalonic acid indicates a vitamin B12 deficiency. A rock-bottom methylmalonic acid degree may indicate an infection, liver disease, and other issues. The methylmalonic acid test can locate vitamin B12 deficiency, anemia, infection, liver disease, and other diseases. The growing frequency of anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency are prominent factors driving the market growth.
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  • Poor lifestyles amongst people: The market is growing due to an escalation in comprehension and consciousness of methylmalonic acidemia. People’s substandard lifestyles cause an escalation in cases of methylmalonic acidemia, which improvises the global market for MMA. Growing R&D inventiveness to give rise to medical rejuvenation and technological enhancements chart the course for supplementary likelihood in the market in the future.

Isolated Methylmalonic Acidurias Disorder Dominated the Market

Methylmalonic aciduria with homocystinuria is an inherited condition in which the body is inadequate to productively digest amino acids, lipids, and cholesterol from the diet. The disease merges manifestation from two varied conditions, namely methylmalonic acidemia, and homocystinuria. Babies that advance the illness prematurely in infancy have problems gaining weight, feeding problems, and a pale appearance.

Geographic Overview

North America: This region has a prominent market share because of continual lifestyle alterations, escalated healthcare disbursement, increased obtainability of funds for research, an extensive patient population, and an escalated government reinforcement for R&D.

Asia Pacific: Due to the increasing health awareness amidst consumers, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to grasp a notable share of the methylmalonic acid market. People’s partiality to consistent health examination and blood tests is now becoming a habitual lifestyle. Because of this escalating trend, several pharmaceutical firms have commenced reviewing test kits and medicines and disbursing through both online and offline channels.

Recent Developments

In April 2020, Logic Bio Therapeutics received FDA approval for LB-001, a drug to cure the extreme conditions of methylmalonic acidemia.

In 2021, Recordati Rare Diseases got FDA approval for CARBGLU tablets 200 mg to treat acute hyperammonemia.

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Key Takeaways

People with methylmalonic acidemia also require systematic monitoring for extended obstacles. For instance, this should involve structured eye exams and tests of kidney functions. The methylmalonic acidemia market size is expanding as the researchers are also probing prospective contemporary treatments for methylmalonic acidemia, such as gene therapy and antioxidant cure.