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Instant noodles, or instant ramen, are a ready-to-eat noodle type enjoyed by many people worldwide. They are fried in oil, dried, and then sold in packages of varying sizes. Almost all instant noodles only require boiling water and can easily be cooked using a microwave oven or a stovetop. Instant noodles are known for their affordability and appeal to consumers with limited time or on a budget.

The primary ingredients in instant ramen are flour, salt, and water. Many noodles also have additional elements in small quantities, including gluten, sugar, starch, and stabilizers such as gaur gum. This blog post covers the benefits of eating instant noodles and sheds light on some key insights for the instant noodles market.

Advantages of Eating Instant Noodles

Along with being quick and easy to prepare, instant noodles offer various benefits that make them an excellent choice for many people. Below we’ve listed some of them:

Affordable: Instant noodles are comparatively cheaper than other meal options, which makes them a great option for consumers on a budget.

Can be customized: People can customize instant noodles based on their taste preferences and dietary needs. One can add different sauces and vegetables to make instant ramen more nutritious and flavorful.

Long shelf life: Most instant noodles have a long shelf life. So, consumers can store them for longer periods without going bad.

Good energy source: Because of their high carbohydrate or carbs content, instant ramen is a good energy source. Carbohydrates, one of the essential nutrients found in food, can help consumers maintain energy levels throughout the day.

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Growth Drivers

People with busy schedules and hectic lives are increasingly preferring food products that are easy to prepare and consume. The rise in demand for easy-to-prepare foods such as instant ramen can be attributed to growing middle class, rising urbanization, and an increase in the number of working women. Instant noodles’ novel packaging methods, microwave heating, and quick preparation time are some factors contributing to increasing instant noodles market sales.

Owing to the rising urbanization and increase in disposable income, there has been an alteration in the eating habits of consumers. The working class now prefers quick and inexpensive meals such as instant noodles that take little time to prepare. Changes in the eating habits of consumers have greatly benefited the market growth.

Leading Region in The Market

In 2021, the instant noodles market in Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest market share and is anticipated to grow at a high CAGR over the forecast period. China, one of the major economies in the Asia Pacific region, is expected to hold the greatest market share over the study period. A dense population, increasing urbanization, and rising preferences for fast meals all contribute to the demand for instant ramen.

Recent Developments

To cater to a large gamut of consumers who wish to improve their immune systems, Nissin Food Co. recently developed a new product line with fewer calories and increased nutritional benefits.

Supermarket/Hypermarket Accounted for A Significant Market Share

By distribution channel, supermarkets, and hypermarkets held the highest proportion of distribution revenues in 2018. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the main channels for distribution in urban areas, and metropolitan consumers usually buy instant noodles with regular groceries.

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Ease of access to hypermarkets and supermarkets is another reason for the boost in market sales through the supermarket/hypermarket distribution channel. Due to the changing buyer preferences, instant noodles key market players constantly bring new noodles types. And supermarkets generally offer all of these product types to grab the attention of more consumers.

To Wrap it Up

Instant noodles have become increasingly popular among consumers preferring ready-to-eat food items, owing to their simplicity and affordability. The global instant noodles market was valued at USD 52.16 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to USD 86.47 billion at a CAGR of 5.91% during the forecast period.


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