Green Data Center Market

A green data center is a facility that hosts servers to store, handle, and distribute data that has been designed to be extremely energy-coherent and to lessen its environmental influence. It is considered as the only feasible model for what the future of data center technologies will look like. As the demand for data storage proceeds with growth, operators have witnessed an expanded demand for power and their cooling systems. The green data center market size is expanding as the power usage effectiveness (PUE) measures the intake of a data center and offers a ratio of the quantity of power used by a data center to the power remitted to its equipment. As such, a ratio of 1.0 constitutes a legitimate data center. All of the power is distributed to the IT equipment.

The global green data center market was valued at USD 49.36 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at USD 289.20 billion with a CAGR of 19.4% during the forecast period 2032.

How to Achieve a Green Data Center?

DCIM software: These instruments are responsible for offering information about a center’s energy usage and handling it carefully in order to decrease data center energy consumption without endangering functional efficacy.

Optimized cooling technology: cooling solutions in data center are responsible for sustaining sufficient technologies for the IT equipment to operate smoothly. The option of cooling technologies can profoundly influence a center’s energy efficacy. The attainment of optimal cooling can engage several shapes and configurations for each data center as it must contemplate every project’s requirement as well as its location. Therefore, the assistance of skilled cooling engineering specialists is needed to warrant each project has approach to the appropriate solution.

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The Feasibility of Green Data Center

For some data centers, the exchanges needed for legitimacy are exorbitantly costly and intricate. Logistical, financial, and functional limitations restrict alternatives to position technologies such as contemporary cooling systems. Several firms are contemplating innovatively about the challenge. For instance, there is an increasing engrossment in detecting provisions in cold regions to sanction free air cooling or even underwater to use clearly cold and flowing water. But from a merger of empirical management deliberations and speeding trend towards the usage of edge computing these alternatives provide only section of green data center story.

Growth Drivers

Green data center categorize energy efficacy through progressive technologies such as virtualization, smart cooling systems, and power handling instruments. The green data center market sales are soaring as by restraining energy intake, these centers notably lessen functional costs, rendering them fiscally alluring for businesses. Also capitalizing on the power of nature, green data centers are growingly powered by sustainable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants are exploited to supply clean and viable power, lessening dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating carbon discharge.

Services Segment Ruled the Market

The upswing is foremost credited to the rising demand for services enclosing insertion, stationing, dialogue, and reinforcement and maintenance covering several industries. The worldwide upswing in consciousness concerning environmental viability, brand image, cost efficacy, and technological advancement has highlighted the essence of green data center services. As a consequence, firms are growingly confirming restricted consulting services to steer intricacy innate in this domain, underscoring the increasing requirement for internal skill.

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Recent Developments

In September 2023, Huawei Technologies (Malaysia), GreenBay CES Sdn Bhd, Center for Technology Excellence Sarawak entered into a collaboration with Solarvest Borneo Sdn Bhd. The objective of this collaboration is to create a hyperscale green data center testbed and implement a training program in Sarawak.

Final Thoughts

Other measures of green data center involve Energy Star certification, as well as a common devotion to lessening of waste and recycling. In the green data center market, IT equipment regulation can assist green data center, but it is the accountability of the tenant in a colocation data center to choose effective technology to circumvent operating idle servers whenever feasible.


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