Cast Stretch Films Market

Cast stretch film is generated past a cast extrusion procedure which commences with a granular resin sustaining it into a warmed-up screw barrel. Then, the molten resin is consistently reinforced through a tapered slot die. The thickness and width of the cast stretch film are literally decided by the proportion of the slot in the die. Succeeding to passing covering the die, the resin is instantly fortified over a moderate roller, which speedily hardens and cools the film. The cast stretch films market size is expanding as tension rollers are utilized to extract the film to the winding and slitting location. This practice is much speedier and costs less and can be manufactured per hour.

The global cast stretch films market was valued at USD 2.70 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 4.24 billion with a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period 2032.

Mechanical Properties of Cast Stretch Films

  • Holding power: Cast films stretch effortlessly. This is good when soliciting the film. The contradiction is it splinters yield effortlessly again after it is being solicited. This permits the commodity to be conveyed effortlessly in transit. Causing expensive damages.
  • Memory: Because of the solitary inclination of cast films together with softer features, a film is generated with minimized memory.
  • Cling: Cast film has a lesser aggregate of cling connected in the course of manufacture due to the innate cling that takes place. In all scenarios, cling is on both facets of cast film. This gives rise to pallets that are stirring to reproach cohesively, rendering it arduous to unload trucks and containers and creating the film to cleave pallets that are operating in transit.

Advantages of Cast Stretch Films

  • Less costly, minimal costs in manufacturing
  • Escalated lucidity
  • Dual-sided cling
  • Consistent depth
  • No restriction on the thickness of the film
  • Excellent barricades for gases, moisture, and aroma

Growth Drivers

Lately, there has been an escalating spread of anti-static and UV shielding elements and capacities in cast stretch films so as to tackle many particular industry needs and confrontations as well, particularly in sectors handling UV-sensitive commodities, susceptible electronic constituents, and several others are predisposed to push global market growth at a notable rapidity. Apart from this, the cast stretch films market sales are soaring as the surfacing tendency of automation resolvability is prominently pushed by the growing acquisition of automated covering procedures across varied industries while permitting them to enhance efficacy, minimize labor costs, and provide continual packaging standard is also predisposed to augur well for worldwide market growth.

Geographical Penetration

North America: This region dominated the global market due to the notable acquisition of progressive manufacturing technologies and constant progression that improve film quality, load maintenance potential, and thickness steadiness. Further, the existence of directives connected to secure packaging and conveyance of commodities covering the region and the requirement to adhere to these packaging regulations to sustain the safety and security of the products will also push market growth.

Asia Pacific: This region is predisposed to portray a sizeable growth in the course of the forecast period owing to the strong existence of many approved elements such as speedy development in the region’s populace, escalating intake of packaged foods due to frantic lifestyle acquisition, and urbanization, frantic escalation in consumer disposable income, permitting them to fund higher in commodities with viable and efficacious packaging.

Recent Developments

In August 2023, COLINES introduced its new Polyblown 5-layer POD series, which is specifically designed for manufacturing polyolefin films and is highly suitable for processing post-consumer recycled resins.

Final Thoughts

Cast stretch films are cost-effective due to their reduced manufacturing costs. Therefore, they are more popular. In the cast stretch films market, escalating lucidity permits users to observe wrapped commodities. Also, cast stretch utilized in stretch wrapping machines unravels noiselessly. It also provides a two-sided cling that permits the wrap to remain safely packaged in its place.



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