Voice-Picking Solution Market

Both technology and time are evolving. As voice has increased in popularity in many people’s personal lives, it has also become more familiar in the warehouse. Voice is now used in millions of warehouses worldwide for picking, receiving, put-away, interleaving, and other tasks. 

Okay, Google, what do I pick next? While that’s not entirely what we indicate as voice picking, it’s quite close. The voice technology we utilize in our daily lives for web searches, directions, videos, and more has been in the warehouse for quite a while. Well, in this blog, let’s understand what a voice-picking solution is, its benefits, and the voice-picking solution market insights and growth aspects.

What is a Voice-Picking Solution?

Voice picking, sometimes referred to as pick by voice, speech-based picking, or voice-directed warehousing (VDW), is a hands-free, paperless, and eyes-free system that uses audio prompts that are simple to comprehend to guide warehouse operators to select sites and provide them with instructions on choosing chores. 

Industry Insights 

The global voice-picking solution market was valued at USD 2.22 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 8.85 billion at a CAGR of 14.9% during the forecast period of 2032

How does Voice Picking Work?

The process of voice selection is done via a headset. An employee who is listening can answer with a verbal code or a bar code scanner and follow spoken directions. This is how the procedure operates:

  • WMS and ERP Integration
  • Associate set up
  • The voice system constructs tasks
  • Warehouse operators obtain work
  • Instructs the operator through their job
  • Location and quality confirmation
  • Continued work chores and optimized pick paths
  • Data gathered for managers
  • Management visibility and reporting

Voice Picking Benefits

A voice-directed picking system forms a hands-free, heads-up user workflow in comparison to conventional warehouse order-picking procedures that involve paper or barcode scanning. Instead of pausing to scan, read, write, or punch keys, users speak and listen with a smooth, effective cadence. Here are some of the crucial benefits of voice picking:

  • Improved speed and accurateness of orders
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased safety
  • Saves time on training
  • Management visibility 

The Voice-Picking Solution Market Growth Drivers

Voice-picking technologies are developing as a crucial breakthrough in warehouse management as worldwide technology advancements take place. By optimizing their travel patterns and enabling workers to navigate warehouses quickly, these advanced solutions significantly reduce the number of movements they need to make while performing their duties. These picking systems, which draw on parts of earlier warehouse management technologies and make use of time-saving strategies, show adaptability in contemporary warehouse operations.

Moreover, these voice-picking solutions bring in a new era of enhanced productivity by fusing seamless communication, effective inventory management, and exact order fulfillment, allowing businesses to satisfy client needs with greater precision and speed.

What is Increasing the Demand for Voice Picking Solutions? 

Customers are becoming more interested in and trusting of the e-commerce sector. Due to the low prices, simplicity of placing orders, and minimal transportation costs, customers favor online shopping over traditional retail stores. Inventory management is necessary for timely shipping optimization. Warehouses that have implemented voice-picking technology may accomplish this with ease. As a result, many warehouses are implementing voice-picking technologies, which is expanding the voice-picking solution market demand. 

Furthermore, better transportation infrastructure is required since consumers express an interest in purchasing goods in shorter time frames. If they experience delays in product delivery, 85% of customers need to prepare to shop online. This is forcing online shopping platforms to embrace voice-picking technologies as soon as possible.

Winding Up

This concludes our discussion of voice picking’s primary benefits and working method. Well, only some firms will be able to use voice selection. However, it integrates with technologies that are helpful to many kinds of enterprises. Throughout your warehouse, you may increase productivity and streamline procedures by putting in place a strong ERP system with sophisticated WMS features. This is boosting the voice-picking solution market. 

By Sonia Javadekar

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