copper clad laminates

Copper clad laminates are critical components in manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in various electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. The growth of the electronics industry has driven the demand for copper clad laminates. 

According to our recent research, the global copper clad laminates market size was valued at USD 17.47 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.1%, generating USD 29.67 billion by 2032.

Importance in Today’s Business Landscape

Using copper clad laminates in manufacturing PCBs is essential to the electronics industry. Copper clad laminates provide a stable platform for the conductive pathways that connect electronic components. Without these pathways, electronic devices would not function correctly. Therefore, the market is critical to the success of the electronics industry.

Role in Providing a Competitive Edge to Key Players

The copper clad laminates market plays a significant role in providing a competitive edge to key players in the electronics industry. High-quality copper clad laminates can improve PCBs’ performance and reliability, giving electronic device manufacturers a competitive advantage. Manufacturers can produce more reliable electronic devices with better performance by using high-quality copper clad laminates, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Trends of the Market

  1. Growing demand for high-performance copper clad laminates: With the increasing demand for high-performance electronic devices, there is a growing need for high-performance copper clad laminates that can support higher frequencies, faster data rates, and more complex designs.
  2. Increasing adoption of flexible and rigid-flex PCBs: Flexible and rigid-flex PCBs are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to be used in various electronic devices, including wearables, medical devices, and automotive applications.
  3. Rising demand for environmentally friendly copper clad laminates: The electronics industry is increasingly focused on sustainability. There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly copper clad laminates free of hazardous materials.
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Recent Developments in the Market

  1. Acquisition of Isola by Taiwan Union Technology Corporation: In October 2020, Taiwan Union Technology Corporation acquired Isola, a leading manufacturer of high-performance copper clad laminates. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Taiwan Union’s position in the industry.
  2. Launch of Pyralux HT by DuPont: In February 2021, DuPont launched Pyralux HT, a high-temperature copper clad laminate that can withstand temperatures up to 225°C. Pyralux HT is designed for high-temperature applications, such as automotive and aerospace electronics.
  3. Expansion of production capacity by Kingboard Laminates: In March 2021, Kingboard Laminates announced plans to expand its production capacity for copper clad laminates in China. The expansion is expected to meet Asia-Pacific’s growing demand for copper clad laminates.


The copper clad laminates market plays a critical role in the success of the electronics industry. The increasing demand for high-performance electronic devices, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs, and environmentally friendly copper clad laminates is expected to drive the market’s growth in the coming years. Key players in the market can gain a competitive edge by using high-quality copper clad laminates that improve the performance and reliability of their electronic devices. Recent developments in the sector, such as acquisitions, product launches, and production capacity expansions, are expected to shape the market’s future direction.

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